Diarrhea For A Week: What You Should Do

Diarrhea For A Week

Diarrhea For A Week

Dealing with diarrhea can be quite cumbersome and oftentimes embarrassing. It is the body’s natural defense mechanism to eliminate excess food and toxins in the system. Some people get bouts of diarrhea after overeating or drinking too much alcohol. In other instances, it happens when people eat something that has toxins. Diarrhea often lasts a few days but there are instances when you can get diarrhea for a week.


At the onset of the diarrhea, avoid taking anti motility medication. You should allow your body to naturally detoxify and cleanse itself so avoid the instinct to stop this natural process. It’s better to allow your body to naturally rid of what doesn’t belong in your system. If you take anti-motility capsules, you may end up with a bad case of constipation instead. However, there are things that you can do to support your body during the process, especially when you have diarrhea for a week.


Be sure to drink a lot of water and take in lots of liquids. You need to be careful about dehydration, which is a complication of diarrhea, especially when it lasts as long as week. Your electrolyte balance may become severely affected, so you may also choose to take oral rehydration salts along with a glass of water. Gatorade and other electrolyte replacement drinks may also work but be mindful of the sugar content of these beverages.


Also, you should allow your body to rest. It’s a good idea to stay home and allow your body to conserve energy. Also, you will probably need access to a clean bathroom while you are suffering from diarrhea for a week. Your body may not feel energetic at all, especially if you are eliminating food faster than you can eat it. Eat whole food items such as bread and grains and eat fruits especially bananas.


Go to your doctor if you don’t show signs of improvement and if your diarrhea for a week is accompanied by fever and other symptoms.



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